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Recruitment Methodology

Internet Advertising:
Our unique, simple and interactive Web Page is extremely popular among IT job seekers.Full job descriptions for your positions are posted on our Web page at no additional cost to you. As well, our Web page is linked to many popular web sites.
Referral Network:
Our team of consultants in Canada, USA and India are among the most seasoned and productive productive in the industry with strong and broad background in IT and Human Resources. GSS takes pride in adhering to the highest ethical standards in our industry. For this reason, many of the candidates we place, refer their friends and colleagues.
Social Media Advertising:
Our ads on Facebook and Linkedin generate hundreds of qualified inquiries.As your business partner we can feature a short description of your positions in our regular advertisement runs.

Steps in the search and placement process

Understanding of client's business

  • Gaining knowledge of client’s Standard Operating Environments – hardware/software platforms
  • Identify the business functions and goals
  • Assess Cultural fit and team structures
  • Key responsibilities and on-going projects

Prescreening candidates

  • Face to face Behavioral interviews
  • Skill assessment
  • Minimum of two professional reference checks
  • Appropriate pre employment screening such as criminal background checks and drug testing.


Data Analytics

We provide our recruitment services and solutions in the field of Data Analytics as well. Please contact us.

Finance & accounting

If you are looking for recruitment solutions, then we can help you in all the best in this industry.

Health Care

If your company is in health care industry, we can help you recruit quality human resource for your requirements.

Information Technology

Looking for recruitment services for IT sector? We have some amazing packages for you.

Office Support

We also provide recruitment solutions for office support. Just let us know your requirements by contacting us.


Looking for an effective workforce for your telecommunication company? We can help you here. Just contact us.

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  • 250 Cochrane Drive Suite 14
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  • Toll Free : 800-291-8886 / Cell : 416-824-8005

  • 250 Cochrane Drive Suite 14
    Markham, Ontario,(L3R 8E5)

  • Toll Free : 800-291-8886 / Cell : 416-824-8005